It really is a lot. Imagining, planning, creating and executing that annual rite of passage of getting season ticket packages into the hands of your most loyal fans. It seems that the season is barely over and it’s already time to gear up for the new season.

In reality, it’s always ‘already time’. Just as the athletes themselves work on their profession year-round, so too must front office staff and executives work year-round focusing their energies on the season ticket holder accounts, as well as attracting more of them.

The business partners who you depend on should be working on it (at least thinking about it) all year as well. They must be willing to not only take on the complexities and moving parts, they must be attracted to them. They must have solutions and processes already at hand, or the resources to quickly figure them out. By the way, they should have solutions to help attract new season ticket holders as well through some form of marketing automation. A true business partner is concerned about your revenue stream as well as their own.

The best time to improve processes is when there is no need to. Not to fix what isn’t broken, but to plan contingencies if things were ever to break.