I read an article recently on how teams are getting their fans to “embrace” or “adopt” their mobile ticketing strategies. Some were quite sensible in how they went about it: Offering incentives, rewarding those who opted in, loyalty programs, merchandise discounts, and other tangible perks for choosing to go along with mobile ticketing technology. And doing so while offering traditional tickets to the season ticket holder base that still wants them.

Others were a bit, shall we say, strong in their approach. Their policies ranged from forced adaptation by simply eliminating traditional season tickets, without warning, to offering them only at an additional cost of several hundred dollars for production and distribution.

While there is no compelling evidence that season ticket holders are clamoring for an end to traditional tickets in favor of a one-size-fits-all mobile ticketing platform, there is universal evidence that everyone has a preference, and mobile ticketing platforms have a place among those preferences.

So what to do? One approach of a crawl, walk, run process seems to be the most sensible way to go. While change is indeed inevitable, we counsel our clients to remain faithful to those who have been faithful to the team. Let them know that your goal is to enhance their game day experience and how moving to a mobile platform – by way of a process they can truly adopt – will actually benefit them as season ticket holders.

The final analysis is that eliminating the souvenir season ticket will be seen as a huge negative by many on your STH account list. The best way for those patrons to get on board is to want to.