Not if, but when, and how as well! The simplicity of a traditional printed season ticket versus the data gathering, event-enhancing digital season ticket. Not too hard of a decision if you run the ticketing operations of a pro sports team. But how do you transition away from an entrenched expectation to a new method of moving people in to your event without raising the ire of your most loyal customers?

Schools of thought range from transitioning to (forced) cold-turkey. Some teams have offered the option of traditional versus digital tickets, while others have simply gone from all print to all digital without the chance for the patrons to participate in the process, other than to deal with it.

Not surprisingly, the best practice seems to be most common-sense approach: Be completely transparent and explain how the STH will benefit. Ask them, get their buy-in, and it will happen almost on its’ own. Sure, it may be a transition over 2 or three years, but the learning curve for the patron will be a lot flatter and your world a lot calmer.