Credentials – The holy grail of admissions and access documents.

I think we all realize that these documents grant access not only to stadiums, but to some of the most sensitive areas of a stadium. For that reason, we always recommend these best practices…………

When sending creative or data files, only use secure transmission methods. Check to see if your source of supply offers an encrypted file site. Proofs should also be sent using the same level of security between your supplier and you. Change your password regularly as well.

When it comes to season-long credentials, limit the availability to those who truly need them. If possible, opt for more game-by-game credentials to limit access to those who really shouldn’t have it. For critical staff using season-long credentials, create a duplicate set, secure them well, and have them ready in the event a credential becomes damaged or lost.

When it comes to the documents themselves, build as much hidden security into the graphics so as to be able to distinguish a legitimate credential from a forged credential. Another method to fight fraudulent re-production is to build as many deterrents into the graphics so as to make them appear challenging to consider forging.

Change the shape of credentials year to year, and the color by area of access. Use large graphics showing the opponent and game number wherever possible. Audit control numbers are a given.

At the end of the project, ask your source of supply, in writing, for verification that all make-ready and damaged stock is destroyed.

You’ll sleep better.