The secret is out. Patrons who attend pro sporting events are being watched, and some actually like it. Of course we are talking about consumer behavior, purchasing habits and purchasing trends.

We finally have a way that we can not only watch their purchases, but anticipate them. With (the correct) mobile phone apps, we can watch over all their purchases in-venue, and many of them when they go about their daily routines as well.

I realize that many patrons have and will continue to resist the move to mobile ticketing for season tickets, but the potential to learn about and add value to the patron’s experience for making the switch is the key.

Big Brother is feared, but adding value to the patron so they receive offers, marketing messages, and incentives that are meaningful to them as individuals is not only the key, it is something we owe to the patron. We have an obligation to give them value, to add to the experience of not only attending a game, but for being a loyal fan.

A great way to do this is to send them offers that their very behavior indicates will not only be useful, but welcome. A bad way to do it is to try and sell them on products and services that their behavior indicates is not of interest.

The technology exists for teams to do this the right way, so look to your data and see what it is trying to tell you.