Someone once said that if we waited for perfection, no one would ever have attempted walking. Of course, no one moves from strollers to sprints either. It’s a bit like that as organizations navigate the traditional-to-paperless waters with season tickets. How much, how soon? Instead of cutting the lines and setting sail, make sure the conditions are favorable to reach the destination, or at least the next port.

Conversations I’ve had with my clients lead to similar conclusions; you don’t need to have every aspect of a digital ticketing platform in place immediately, especially if your stadium’s infrastructure isn’t there yet. Technology works best when it is used to do simply what it is designed to do all the time, even if you address the changes one step at a time.

You might ask your supply channel partner about transitioning your way into all-digital by going with a crawl, walk, then, run process. This can be particularly sensible if your current supply partner is equipped to provide you with either option, eliminating the need to rely on a current vendor limited to traditional product lines as you transition to a new vendor in the digital arena. I know, we’re all professionals, but that isn’t an ideal scenario.

Your season ticket holders will have a lot of questions; the same ones you should be asking before they do.