So a client asks me this week about bending the season ticket timeline. It seems marketing has thought of a great STH outreach item and what better method of conveyance than the season ticket package we’ll be sending out next month. I know, the ticket ops people are grinding their teeth right now.

It will be fine, however, because we’re dealing with it now and not two weeks before the mail date. Here’s what you do to make it happen with your business partner:

  • Let your service provider know as soon as possible in advance of the set distribution date.  The idea is to allow time enough to keep this in the world of opportunity and out of the world of problem.


  • Remember why the request is being made and why every attempt to respond should also be made – to enhance the experience for the season ticket holder.


  • Rely on your service bureau to develop the strategy for making this happen; they’ve been through this before and likely already have a solution. If they don’t, well, that’s another briefing.


  • Take their best advice and act on it. They’re in business, or should be, to respond. By the way, I do mean respond, not react. There is a distinct difference.


  • Look for the next opportunity to perform.