The first quarter of every year brings review and renewals. One of my recent reviews was with IT going over our encrypted file site. One of my renewals was for our cyber liability coverage. A client asked me why we felt it was necessary to have either to begin with.

We receive all manner of data; creative, season tickets, credentials, parking, STH invoice files, pretty much everything a team holds dear. We take it seriously as do most of our clients. To those who don’t, read on……

Imagine your current supply source for tickets, credentials or document processing had a breach in their firewall, a laptop was stolen from a rep’s car, or sensitive data was emailed to the wrong person. While managing the fallout, you can review what you might have done differently to avoid embarrassment at the least, and litigation at the worst.

Here is what you could have done:

  • Step one: Ask your current source of supply to set up a secure file site, with private folders, just for you. An encrypted site is best. Make sure you can manage your own password, and make it at least nine characters long.

  • Step two: Ask your supplier to explain what audit processes they went through to protect your data and their servers from a breach.

  • Step three: Use it always. Data, creative, proofs, revisions…everything. Make it a policy that anything to do with your marks and your data remains secure.

  • Step four: Rinse, repeat……