But, it’s not a walk in the park either.

Many of my clients have decided that moving toward mobile engagement for everything from ticketing to push notification, targeted display ads, concession purchases, and sponsor offers is something they have to do. Now!

While I appreciate their desire (after all, there are compelling new revenue streams involved), we believe there is a common sense approach to this.

There are blueprints to follow, but many of them include paths that are being met with some level of resistance by the fans, particularly the season ticket holder. Force them into it? We can, but as I’ve mentioned previously, shouldn’t change be embraced? I think it is much smarter to have the fan adopt, not adapt, to how teams engage them.

So what is the answer? A process, a method of introducing one thing at a time to the most loyal fans you have; the season ticket holder. They have been investing for a long time, and their level of expectations should be primary regarding when and how the methods of engagement shift.