Three recent briefings brought about some comments and questions from clients and colleagues.

First up was mobile ticketing / mobile applications. The course has been charted, but how difficult will the transition be? There doesn’t appear to be any real standardization in the technology or its application. So how does the sports industry best move to have fans adopt this platform without forcing their bread and butter patrons to adapt to it? Moreover, at last survey, more than half of respondents don’t yet see how mobile ticketing will improve their game day experience.

Mailing versus shipping. Well, when it comes to the best value for moving season tickets or other assets from team to patron, even UPS and Fed Ex recognize that the USPS has the best methods and infrastructure to get things into the hands of the patrons. The ‘last mile’ is particularly challenging for the big overnight shippers, but not for the US Postal Service.

Selling season tickets. It is no secret that to sell anything, especially an item that depends on a market with disposable income, automating that process to provide sales-ready leads is a great place to start. Any process used needs to have metrics that establish a lead scoring system. The scoring is subjective, but the metrics are not. The only way to turn a prospect into a season ticket holder is to effectively target, establish a scoring system, and turn sales-ready leads over to your ticket office sales team.