I had a few questions relating to last week’s briefing on why I recommend the USPS as my first option on the carrier of choice for season ticket distribution. Well, these are a few of the reasons why…

Experience counts. The USPS has been in the shipping business for more than 200 years and has seen it all when it comes to final destination delivery. Even UPS and Fed Ex both use the post office for the “last mile” in many deliveries.

Location, location, location. The USPS has 37,000 locations, including 269 processing centers. The mail is always moving by virtue of their 663,000 employees working 3 shifts a day, seven days a week.

Saturday is a business day, so there are no extra costs involved for Saturday delivery.

The USPS delivers to addresses, not address types. So a delivery to a business or residence carries the same costs. Oh, the USPS delivers to post office boxes as well.

Back to location. If no one is available to accept delivery, the recipient needs to go no further than their local post office, and not a Fed Ex or UPS center several communities from home.

Other reasons? Flat rates regardless of distance, free packaging, real-time tracking, and your choice of delivery or signature confirmation.

When you consider the costs, speed in transit, security of the package, and convenience to the season ticket holder, to us, the reasons are clear.