After all of the stories in the media regarding data and identity theft, I still receive email from clients with sensitive data attached. The data are almost always in an excel file, and pertain to season ticket account information, barcodes for credentials or season tickets, even invoice and billing information.

Client data and identities are being stolen more frequently than cash, cars, property, or anything else you can name. We do all we can to protect our clients, but it seems we can’t always protect them from themselves.

Please consider doing the following:

  1. At the very least, if you intend to keep emailing data, please password protect the spreadsheets before hitting “send”.
  2. In a best practice, send data only to secure, encrypted file sites that your supply channel partner should have set up for you. If your vendor doesn’t have a secure, encrypted file site, you may wish to re-consider that relationship.
  3. Beyond the desire for a secure way to send files, ask your supplier what audits they have undergone to protect your data, and ask them if they have been underwritten for cyber liability coverage. If so, ask them for a certificate of insurance, and if not, see bullet point # 2.

Your clients are large corporations, small businesses and private individuals. The secondary market, where there is even more data exchanged, is also relying on safety and security when it comes to any transactions. We do all we can to respond to the challenge of protecting data, but we can do a much better job if our clients do as well.