I had the pleasure of being at Game 6 of the NLCS and witnessing history – The Cubs won the National League Pennant for the first time in 71 years. Arriving home, I carefully pressed my ticket, and my wife’s, between the pages of a book.

I realized that these tickets were no longer admission documents, but historical documents. They are proof that I was actually there, a witness to history in-the-making.

And that’s what makes season tickets the most treasured sports souvenir there is. Among all of the prizes available for purchase at any game, the ticket is the item that grants you admission to the event and the anticipation of “what will I see here today”. Perhaps that is why I still get a kick out of receiving my season ticket package prior to the start of the season. I wonder which of them will become sports artifacts, and which will be just another game ticket.

Will I see a perfect game no-hitter, a record-breaking rushing day, a triple-double, or a hat trick? Will I see a future hall-of-fame player get his first hit in the majors, or score his first touchdown in the NFL?

I realize that the romance of the game ticket is giving way to the revenue generation of mobile ticketing, and I am a realist, but years from now when I’m going through my life’s time capsule with one of my future grandchildren, I can recount the night I was there to see history, and actually hold it in my hands.

Try doing that with a PDF.