Thankful that little kids have big dreams. Those kids eventually grow into their dreams, and a few end up living them. That’s where we come in, the professional sports front office executives, managers, coordinators and staff, and the outside business partners who they engage. Imagine what we might be doing with our careers if kids stopped having big dreams!

Thankful for the wonderful relationships I have with clients, and even for those relationships with people who aren’t my clients. There is an interesting dynamic built into those relationships; a “take one for the team” dynamic.

Thankful that the people I work with have as much invested in their jobs as I have in mine. It looks glamorous to the outsider, but it’s a lot of work once you get inside. And with every success, I always tell my clients that we’re only as good as they are, and we better be.

Thankful that millions of people feel connected with their teams and go through a lot to maintain it, giving all of us a sense of purpose and accomplishment every time we see a stadium full of engaged fans.