It has been said that timelines don’t like change, and we all know that the creative process doesn’t like rigidity. So how do we allow for changes during the creative and production processes while not jeopardizing the drop date? Believe it or not, the United States Postal Service helps in these circumstances. Really.

Consider a drop date for thousands of STH packages that needs to change by a day or two. Your STH accounts likely won’t notice the difference, particularly if your ticket (or promotional) source of supply is using the USPS to distribute.

The USPS allows its’ clients (your vendor) to bulk-process labels internally, providing that your source of supply is up to speed with current software. If so, the production of the outbound labels and the date of the drop are controlled internally.

Needing to coordinate the bulk label production with one of the package delivery services could be problematic for your vendor if it is depending on their package service to supply them with the outbound labels. A one or two delay in the drop can actually result in four or five days of delay, creating a noticeable distribution problem.