Files, creative, data. In the old days, around 2012, email was the conveyance vehicle of choice. Well, thankfully, we’ve changed all that.

While there is no way we can force a client to protect their data appropriately, we can at least take the steps to help them, whether they want us to or not.

  • Step One: Ask your current source of supply to set up a secure file site, with private folders, just for you. An encrypted site is best. While you’re at it, make sure that you set your own password, not your vendor. By the way, make it at least nine characters; hackers hate that.

  • Step Two: Ask your supplier to explain what audit processes they went through to protect your data and their servers from a breach. Do they have cyber liability coverage? If so, ask for a COI. If not, well, they’re your files.

  • Step Three: Use it always. Data, creative, proofs, revisions….everything. Make it a policy that anything to do with your marks and your data remains secure.

  • Step Four: Repeat Step 3