The oldest adage in business rings true more today than ever before. Putting off a decision, the start of an important project, or not double-checking the calendar may cost you time, and that time can lead to additional expense.

Like any project, effective communications to your season ticket clients should be done with all of the usual processes considered…what do we need to tell them, how do we craft the message, what is the delivery vehicle we want to use, what will be the timing of the communication.

The timing; that’s where planning and expense comes into play. We’re not speaking of an email blast, but the physical movement of something to the account holder. Particularly noteworthy is any item where you need the account holder to comply, where an actual letter or item needs to be conveyed with track-ability and confirmation of receipt.

A delay of even 12 – 24 hours can mean the difference between being able to use a certified mail letter with a very low relative cost, to a 2-day service, to priority overnight. The price swing in a situation like that can be anywhere from $3 to $18 per outbound package.

So, while we can muster the resources necessary to get pretty much any project out the door, the delivery vehicle of choice, or of necessity, can really add to the costs in a hurry. Planning ahead, even to the point where we can pick up one day on the timeline, can save.