One of my clients told me that our performance on a recently completed 3-month project earned a grade of A+. While I was very gratified that these good people found so much value in our work, I took some time to review what went right.

It came down to several things, all of which you can probably guess: Planning, review, execution, follow-up, responsiveness, double-checking, etc. But two things stuck out during the review process, and they were more intangible than tangible. They were commitment to seeing the project through, and being open minded to new ideas. Not just us, but the client as well.

The commitment to seeing the project through to a successful conclusion was big motivation for me as well as the client. We value service, so does our client. The client wants to satisfy the STH account, and so do we.

Regards to new ideas, we are constantly being challenged to come up with or respond to some new or better way to provide a product or service that the season ticket holder will appreciate. So, we do. Both the client and us.

I then told my point of contact for this project something that I say a lot; we’re only as good as our clients. To that end, we have always stated that whatever our customers are willing to commit to, we’re willing to commit to.