Have you seen the list? The one for Mobile Engagement? It’s pretty extensive, but shouldn’t be looked at as anything other than an opportunity. Our clients all seem to want to start with paperless tickets, and they may be right, but there are other considerations.

Some of our thoughts at Northstar suggest the following:

  • Paperless Ticketing – Review the demands on technology, marketplace usage, and the concept of a blended solution. Allow the best of both worlds and allow patrons to adopt the technology, not adapt to it.

  • Mobile Engagement – Consider Wi-Fi versus Beacon technology, the fan experience and tracking user engagement. Consider as well the number of touches revolving around gameday advertising and sponsor offers.

  • Creating New Revenue Streams – The subjects of direct-to-IP address mobile ads, targeted ads, special incentives, and other calls to action.

  • Analytics and Audience Personas – Including the segmenting of season ticket buyers, individual game ticket buyers, mobile app users, and buying habit groupings.

  • As you can see, there is a seemingly endless list of challenges and opportunities to consider. Looking into a blended approach starting with the areas of most interest to your specific team, venue and fan base could be the best place to start.

    Frankie Gray, of Northstar Gameday, contributed to this briefing