In the bold new world of digital ticketing applications, how (why) are teams introducing the concept? Depends on the team and its’ motivation.

Is the move to digital to save costs on printing and distribution? To offer convenience to the season ticket holder? To find out who really is in the arena? As a data gathering device to more actively engage fans? The list is seemingly endless.

What about the fans? Are they enthusiastic about the change, or simply offering a shrug of inevitability? Depends on the fan and his / her connection to the team and the event. Fans like perks, that’s no secret, and the closer those perks are in connecting the fan to the player, the more likely the shrug turns to enthusiasm.

Sure, you can force the account holder to surrender an entrenched expectation (their souvenir season tickets) and into a virtual ticket application, but shouldn’t change be embraced?

So while you are (rightly) thinking about mobile engagement, new revenue streams, analytics, personas, and all the other insight you can gain from the patron, remember that many of those account holders have been with “their” team for decades. Give them a chance to be a larger part of it.