Considering a current source of supply, or adding to those you have, should be done through a process that examines value. Not simply the comparison of costs between partner A and potential partner B, but a review of who your supply partners are and the value they bring to your organization.

Are they part of a collaborative network or system? Do they have the staying power and flexibility to offer solutions to your challenges?

Do they serve your needs or theirs? Are their solutions those that support their industry or yours? Do they narrow their focus to that which you are concerned about?

Exactly what problems do they solve? Is your supply partner attracted to the complex, or do they try and make it easier on them than you? Do they respond by saying ‘yes’, or shy away by saying ‘no’?

Are they truly an extension of your ticket office, partnership activation team or community relations department? Do they serve you by thinking of your customers as their customers as well? Do they stay current with technology and have the means to not only know what to do with your data, but protect it?

Besides bringing value to you, what value do they bring to the community? Do they participate in worthwhile causes and lead by example, or are they in business just for the sake of business?

These are questions that should be asked of your supply channel partners. And the response from them should be enthusiasm to show you value, not dread because they don’t offer it.