So the preliminary meetings are complete, we have understanding and agreement, and you’re feeling really good about the place we’re in right now. You’re the one responsible for making sure that season ticket holders receive their goods and you’ve got everything lined up. Well, you did 10 days ago.

Since then community relations, partnership activation, marketing communications, have all emailed you, left you messages, or staked out your office to catch you coming or going. Changes are being requested and that is just fine. Be thankful they are coming to you (sometimes they come to me! – not necessarily a good thing).

Three months in advance of a drop date is fine to re-work things, even start over if the wheels have completely fallen off. Two months in advance is still a good time if you want to re-fine things. A month ahead is still ok for simple addition or subtraction of an item. The key is to keep communications open internally so things go well externally.

The season ticket package is the most visible initiative your office puts out, and a lot of exposure accrues to any item that is included with it. So if an internal partner throws a curve, the season ticket package may not seem to be the best target, but you can’t argue with the reasoning. Just let your service provider know as early in the process as possible, even if it isn’t a sure thing. We can help the process go smoothly and account for all the what-ifs.