Every now and then one of my clients will ask if we can do something really out of the ordinary. It usually involves a request for something unusual, or perhaps a need arises within 48 hours of their home opener.

Sometimes they almost seem hesitant to ask, as if they will be putting me out. Can you imagine? My advice to them: Ask! Call! Find out! You’ll probably like the results.

Your outside partners are part of your world; they must be or they wouldn’t be able to solve the many issues that you have. The event is not going to be delayed from the scheduled start. That ball or puck will be pitched, kicked-off, tipped-off or faced-off at the appointed time, and nothing will stop that.

It shouldn’t stop you either. Your suppliers are used to the last minute, seemingly impossible requests. They anticipate them, it is part of what they do and who their clients are. Don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes, quite literally, the laws of physics do come into play, and time becomes, well, relative. In those cases, perhaps an alternative product or service can be suggested, but you won’t know unless we know. That is why we are here.