In the past, getting the season ticket holder into the game could be done pretty efficiently with a sheet of tickets, an envelope, some data output and the US Postal Service. But now, presuming tickets are still being traditionally printed, many more elements are being added to the distribution process.

How do you plan, organize, lead and control four or five different internal departments, countless supply channel partners, and still get things out to the patron on time? Here are a few common sense practices:

  • Plan early and build a list of all potential assets
  • Ask internal departments participating in the distribution to submit their requests early
  • Consider the physical package as well as its’ method of distribution based on the contents
  • Ask your supply channel partner responsible for the distribution to provide a turnkey solution
  • Build a timeline and execute

You might be surprised to learn how much your service bureau can do. If their response to any product or service request is “we don’t do that”, it might be worth the effort to source one that does. Aggregating as many product and service needs with one vendor is efficient, cost effective and can shorten lead times.