It’s been said that being a professional athlete has become a year-round job. In order to compete, to be the very best, or in some cases just to stay in the league, pros must work year-round. The thing is, they make it look so easy.

I’ve come to realize that the same commitment extends to the front office as well. In my experience working with the executives, administrators and coordinators of professional sports front offices, most work long hours, weekends, holidays; pretty much all the time. And they do it with the best of attitudes; they enjoy what they do and know it is important work. The people behind the scenes truly are just as committed to the success of the team as the athletes and coaches who are the faces of those organizations. That commitment is not only necessary, it’s honorable.

When working with people outside of your organization, don’t be afraid to tell them what their level of commitment needs to be in order to allow you to honor that which you hold yourself up to, and the dedication that the entire organization shares. Sure, performance won’t always be perfect, mistakes will be made, but the attitude brought to the project or process must be at as high a level as yours.