If your business partner responsible for supplying your organization all of its season tickets, parking passes, credentials, and STH assets asks you for feedback, please, give it to them. And if they are not asking for feedback, you might wonder why not.

When I ask my clients for feedback, it’s not a way to get a pat on the back or praise for a job well done, it is a way for me to improve. To provide greater value. To enhance the experience for the season ticket holder.

Typically, the more feedback I receive, the better the next project goes. The questions I ask aren’t along the lines of “tell me how it went”, but more along the lines of:

  • “Tell me about any scanning issues”
  • “Tell me about any product or performance issues”
  • “Tell me about the time it took for a patron to park, or get into the gate once they were past security”
  • The more specific my clients can be with details of the event as it relates to the products I supply, the better our performance can be for the next project. The more information they can give me, the more value I can give back.

    Your supply partner’s job doesn’t end with the beginning of a new season, it really should begin again.