At some point, the data-driven aspect of getting season ticket holders into the game has had to allow room for the marketing-driven aspect of rewarding loyalty. Both are important and one compliments the other. So how we incorporate both sets of assets seamlessly, into one deliverable, is key.

There are some service bureaus that will not begin the fulfillment process until everything is staged and tickets are finished. Others correctly realize that delaying one process to wait for the conclusion of another is not always necessary, and could cause a missed drop date.

In fact, the more moving parts there are on a project, the more important it is to keep those parts moving. It’s my job to keep my clients up to date on schedules and timelines, but I also encourage them to ask questions. It’s great that they trust and have confidence in us, but even better when they take an active interest in wanting to know how we’re performing. We appreciate it when they ask questions and take an active interest. After all, we’re only as good as our clients.