It is crunch time for some of my clients in the process of getting their season ticket packages out the door. Even though the timelines are in place, and planning began months ago, things can still get a bit out of step.

Since there can be a dozen items, sometimes more, going into a season ticket project, there is a deep need to stick to the timeline. But what happens when something doesn’t go as planned on one or more of those items?

Operations people will want to charge ahead, marketing / activation people will want to take care of the corporate partner, your supplier won’t want to risk errors in data or inserting, and the season ticket account holder just wants his / her tickets.

So, before panic sets in, and fingers are pointed, advise your outside business partner whom you rely on to make this all happen. Let them work to help solve the issue(s), develop alternatives, and put the focus back on the ultimate goal…….making sure all partners in the process are considered and satisfied. These things have happened before and they will again. Your source of supply knows it, and just may have a solution.