My clients tend to ask why the cost of shipping a package is sometimes more expensive than the cost of the contents in it. The answer is usually found in the level of service desired. That answer leads to some creative ways of shipping.

Sending STH account holder assets needn’t be as expensive as it may be for your team now. For example, sending season tickets with signature confirmation verification can be less expensive with one carrier than others. Also, while two of the Big 3 carriers charge extra for residential or Saturday delivery, one does not.

Another cost saving method is to waive signature confirmation in favor of delivery confirmation. That service feature alone can cost as much as $2 – $3 per outbound package. Another cost reduction can be realized if you use two carriers instead of one. How? By shipping via Fed Ex or UPS, but having the post office handle what is referred to as “the last mile”. Both carriers have teamed up with the USPS in order to allow for swift movement of the package, track-ability of it, and delivery along with the patron’s daily mail.

What it comes down to are the value of the contents, the speed at which the distribution needs to happen, how much security is desired for the package, and the desire to know where the package is at all times from when it leaves until it is delivered.

Ask your business partner about these options, but do so as part of the planning phase of the project, not during the execution of it.