From a ticket operations standpoint, baseball season is over, and football season is beginning. MLB clients have completed the grind that started in October – planning, concepts, dynamic pricing, design, vendor selection, STH account renewals, new STH account acquisitions, seat exchanges, data base maintenance, production, distribution, and correcting any errors or omissions. Now they can go about the business of servicing those accounts and enjoying the product on the field.

NFL clients are already under way with their ticket operations season, and it isn’t very different from MLB. The NFL ticket operations directors and ticket marketing vice presidents whom I work with are in weekly (soon to be daily) contact with me. And just like spring training, the NFL draft followed by mini-camps, OTA’s and training camp bring both hope for the new season as well as a fair amount of pressure to make a great new season first impression on the season ticket holders.

So let’s remember: Lean on your outside business partner to develop the plan of action for you. We’ve been doing this a long time and have a proven list of best practices. Ask for a timeline – always – and then trust in it to keep things moving along. Regardless if you send out traditional season tickets, use a mobile app, or a combination of the two, the rest of this month should be used to solidify your plan. There is a lot of work involved in this process, so map it out and then stick to those roads.