It’s widely agreed that season tickets are the most recognized souvenir of attending any sporting event. So how do we go about making sure that the most entrenched expectation of your STH accounts gets to them correctly, un-damaged, and on time?

The simple answer is a timeline that controls every aspect of planning, creative, data, production, inserting, mail preparation and dropping. Done. But what happens when things change, when someone has a great idea after the start of the process, or a corporate partner comes late to the party?

Ticket Ops people are already raising an eyebrow, but in today’s environment, it will inevitably happen. My suggestion is never to say ‘no’ out of hand, but look into the request and determine if the bending of the timeline can be accomplished.

The bottom line is that it will either enhance the experience of the season ticket holder or it will not. If it will, it’s worth trying to do. If it will not, then you can always say ‘no’. But try to say ‘yes’, or at least ask your production partner about the possibilities. After all, the only objective is to make sure the season ticket holder is thrilled by whatever you decide to do.