Anyone who is a frequent reader of these briefings already knows the value that the USPS has to offer, so, a bit more on distribution.

There is an old adage that suggests the closer you get to reaching your objective, the more obstacles seem to get in the way. In the case of getting certain types of assets to your STH base, the last mile seems to be the most challenging, and that is where the USPS comes in.

Fed Ex and UPS are excellent in the package delivery business, but, as good as they are, they can’t match the post office for the servicing of large scale projects delivering door to door. In fact, both of these carriers have established programs using the US Postal Service to accommodate those very types of deliveries.

The project starts with Fed Ex or UPS as the entry point into the distribution system, but hands the project off to the USPS once the large scale shipping has been completed, and the “fine” work of getting the package delivered to the account holder’s home or business begins.

The results are that the packages get through the delivery process quickly, can be tracked, and usually at a lower cost per unit. For our clients, we’ve added this method to our list of options for shipping special projects, with both the team and the account holder benefitting.