Data-driven admissions documents including Season Tickets, Credentials, Parking Passes, Premium Seat and Suite Tickets are far too valuable to be left to chance, or on someone’s door step.

When it comes to shipping these highly valuable packages for our clients, we always consider the US Post Office. After all, the USPS has been in the shipping business for 200 years, and shipping via Priority Mail in USPS-supplied packaging offers a low cost, expedited, track-able and secure method of shipping.

The other recognized options are Fed Ex and United Parcel, but among all three carriers, only the USPS offers 37,000 locations, 269 processing centers and 663,000 employees working three shifts, seven days a week. Simply put, your ticket packages are always moving, securely.

The post office considers Saturday a business day, meaning an extra day per week to deliver without extra service fees. There are also no extra service costs for residential deliveries, the preferred delivery address for a large number of season ticket accounts. And if a pick-up notice needs to be left with the patron’s mail, the local post office is part of that community and very close by. And PO Boxes are never a delivery issue.

As a provider of season tickets and other data-driven admissions documents, although we work with all three carriers, we always recommend USPS services for the best in value to the team and the most in convenience for the season ticket holder.