A colleague asked recently “Why aren’t more pro sports teams making the switch to digital/mobile ticketing platforms”?

He then went on to cite some compelling information. You know, those figures that indicate the potential new revenue to the team, the new engagement path with the fan, the building of rewards programs, and other undeniable benefits. Yet, he still couldn’t come up with a singular answer to his question.

One thing missing in his theorizing was that which we are all afraid of: the unknown. Although sports and sports fan culture is looked at as monolithic, each individual sport team’s culture isn’t. A team’s culture is based on many things, and the place it holds in the hearts and minds of its season ticket holder accounts is unique to that team.

How much is too much? I’m a sports fan, and hold season tickets with two teams. Do I want a mobile ticketing option? Maybe. Do I want to have an entrenched expectation taken away and be forced into technology simply so I can be marketed to? I need to give that some thought.

The bottom line is that the season ticket is the most valuable souvenir from any sporting event, and I may be open to trying something new if it is an option and not a capitulation.