There’s no better feeling as when you’ve just completed a project with the size and scope of putting your season tickets into the mail. It’s especially pleasing when you have few or any service issues after the fact.

The other feeling is that you have to start on next years’ project. Not right this minute, but soon. The best approach is to re-live the project you just completed. What will you do the same way next year, and what would you have changed this year? Record those thoughts and keep them close at hand.

Would you have started sooner or met with the creative team earlier than you did this year? What about your vendor performance? Or better still, what about your vendor commitment, their attitude? Did they put as much passion and energy into the project as you did? Performance can always be measured and improved upon, and mistakes corrected, but commitment and attitude are measureable as well.

So for next year there are plenty of decisions to make already, and recording the process for this year, good and bad, is a good place to start.