Anyone who works with me or regularly reads these briefings knows that the USPS is a great choice for your annual STH ticket distribution. But, in an effort to provide customer service, sometimes good intentions do come with a steep price. And since season ticket packages are too valuable to lose track of, we really should establish some rules.

  • 1. Always opt for a service that allows for tracking of your packages, whether you choose Delivery or Signature Confirmation.

  • 2. Never stray from the official address record that the season ticket holder has submitted as their delivery address. I know, it sounds basic, but you’d be surprised.

  • 3. Don’t allow for address correction by your ticket printing partner. If your partner has a procedure to auto correct address data, it should be suppressed. If the patron’s package goes to the new address, you’ll still have the old address record on file for who knows how long.

  • 4. Always have your ticket house print the endorsement for Return Service Requested on the package label. If the package gets forwarded, you may not know for sure if they were received at the address of record or the new address. Worse yet, if the forwarding address is incorrect, that package could end up in the hands of an unintended third party.

  • In a perfect world, all address records on file are up to date, but it isn’t a perfect world. It is much better to have ticket packages returned so that your account data base can be corrected and you can be assured that ticket account assets are always in the right hands.